Day 21: Slow as Molasses

This week the 2 grad school courses I’m taking this semester started in earnest, which meant lots of reading and paper-writing. I’d managed to forget over the past month between semesters just how much time it all takes, and that attempting to wait until after my kids are in bed means a lot less sleep […]

Day 8: Elite Data Science Primer & CodeWars

For today, I decided to tackle the first chapter of the Elite Data Science Primer. While this didn’t have me actually coding, it did teach me a little about the overall process necessary for machine learning. I look forward to working with the other chapters to learn more. The example they gave of determining wine […]

Days 5 & 6: CodeWars, Edabit

Belated Day 5 Update Knowing that I was destined to sleep in a tent in the church fellowship hall where my boys’ Cub Scout pack was meeting for a camp-in last night, I made an extra effort to get some coding in before work in the morning. Squeezing in a few minutes of coding between […]